5 Innovative Approaches to Worklife Used by the Best Companies to Work For

The ultimate goal of every company when hiring workforce is, increasing work efficiency and productivity that eventually contributes to the profitability of the firm. No company ever invested on employee trainings, sessions, recruitment and rotation with different incentives in the back log. Moving forward, the challenging and competitives times have driven some very innovative approaches in work life, and the aim of these approaches is to retain the best talent and keep employees motivation level high enough to produce excellent results. Here is an extract of the 5 innovative approaches that are widely being adopted and applied by some of the most preferable companies:

1) Having a daycare for the kids

Even the most strongest economy of the world sees a lower percentage of working women when compared with the opposite gender. To inculcate an environment that is positively motivating for mother to carry on with their careers without compromising on family life and harmony, child care facilities have been opened up in some of the best companies. This little contribution has driven up  productivity levels and added another dimension of worklife for women, the quest between balancing career and family has been made a little easier with this convention.

2) Allowing work hours outside of the 9 to 5

Traditionally, from the era of 1980’s to roughly 20 years later, there were hardly any companies that used to offer flexible working hours facility for its employees. The advent of technology and internet has encompassed many work occupations and made the idea of working from home in flexible hours possible. This gives an added benefit to those who have to juggle between several responsibilities, may it be educational commitment, traveling needs or looking after children or elderly of the family.

3) Hiring globally, not just locally

Some of the best companies have raised bar graphs of productivity, profit and results to a great level through reducing costs and increasing quality. This has been made possible with the advantage of the differences in currency. In some countries, lower amount of pay equals to higher value according to the currency it would be paid in. Hence, hiring people by decentralizing job tasks not only provides monetary value but also increases the results in terms of profits. Managers now work with team members across the globe.

4) Adapting to online marketing with social media

From the many innovative changes that have taken place over the years, some of the companies that are seeking ways to adopt employee friendly yet profit making practises have leaned on the advantages posed by social media marketing. SMM gives off flexible working hours advantages, no boundary and limit audience reach out and extensive marketing opportunities for a company in low cost. Where marketing specialists needed time and money to conduct market researches, SMM provides targeted reports automatically. This has indeed taken off huge labor work pressure and marketers have more time to invest in actual strategy formulation activities.

5) Management communicating with employees on an equal level

The protocol that Gen X CEOs and managers used to receive has reduced down to more friendly, open and communicative terms with Gen Y. This has more positive implications rather than negative ones. It has lead to a more cohesive corporate strategy, employees feel more part of the firm and have also inculcated excellent communication paths that lead to optimum performance and profitability for a company.

How to Write the Perfect Cover Letter

Cover letters are one of the most important ingredients of a job application. Apart from the number 1 influencing factor- the resume, next in line that plays a role in deciding whether to keep or toss, is the Cover letter. In order to understand how to get into a win-win situation, where the resume and cover letter both are precise and able to get the phone ringing with an interview date, many people search the internet for tips regarding perfect cover letters. Over the many how-tos available across the web, here’s what would really make a difference on your cover letter. Skipping on the over-emphasized yet particularly important factor, grammar, read on to find out what other things contribute to writing a perfect cover letter:

Focus on Motivations and Goals

The traditional ‘My name is so and so and I am applying for so and so’ should be skipped for a direct yet professional approach. The name would be present in the signature and the job application in the heading, hence, save space and time and produce content that is directly related to the job at hand. Pour out real time motivational factors of why the particular job is of relevance and importance and how personal goals and previous history assures that you are suitable for the job and would do justice with the job description.

Keep it short, simple and sweet

Many cover letters make a classical mistake of overviewing the content present on the resume. Cover letters are not supposed to be summaries of resumes, this letter must be no longer than 3 to 4 paragraphs, that too 100 words at max. The main purpose of the cover letter is to add supportive argument and aspirations as to why the resume attached should be considered for an interview call. Beginning with the relevance to the job, followed by how value would be added with personal vision and completed with how to get in touch is the best way of structuring cover letters.

Don’t address it to a particular person

You’re not going to look clever by addressing your resume to specific person. Most of the times, the initial screening for job applicants is done by an HR generalist you’ve never even heard of. Simply write on an open ended note, and avoid addressing directly to any person. The resume can be received by any employee, stick to the actual job description for which the resume has been mailed and give descriptive and appealing statements that lead to an interview call.

Self Yourself in a Conversational Way

While any product or service is given to an agency for advertisment, its USP that is Unique Selling Proposition, is asked to be highlighted. The USP differentiates one applicant from the other and shows off competitive edges. A cover letter acts as an advertisement tool, one can easily flaunt personal strengths and related opportunities in it. Stick to a conversational tone so that the interviewer looks forward to asking and probing more questions on the interview and make sure enough information related to the job description and personal milestones and strengths is covered.

Keeping in view these factors, cumulatively a good and convincing cover letter can be designed. One has to keep in mind, that a cover letter must be crisp and appealing, not anything like the resume and very confident and conversational in its tone of writing. Try these tips while writing and enjoy the outcome of a perfect cover letter.

The 5 Interview Mistakes You Consistently Make

Interview time is not quite one of the favorite slots of a job hunt process for many. Reasons behind this phenomena includes bouts of unknown questions and the eventual result of a yes or no based on the performance. One simple way of dusting off all possibilities of a nerve wrecking and havoc driven interview is to prepare beforehand and keep in mind what are the major mistakes that most people tend to make, knowingly or unknowingly. Here are 5 interviews mistakes that are repeatedly made by many job seekers:

1) Appearing too casual and unprofessional

Business organizations are usually on the look-out of serious and result oriented candidates for available spots in the firm. The too-laid-back attitude does not seem to impress many on the job interviewer’s seat. The outlook of being casual is not necessarily reflected from how a person is dressed, of course dressing  does matter, nobody would want to interview a person who compromises on formal wear, but apart from that there are other signals too. To name a few, body language must not look slacky and sluggish. Verbal language must be carefully chosen and no unprofessional and over-friendly terms should be used during the interview.

2) Doing no research on the company’s background

It is no big deal to come up and sit across a panel of interviewers, anybody could do that. The task which really needs effective efforts and time, is getting prepared for that interview and being able to answer questions relevantly and affirmatively. Many interviewees go unprepared to the interview, no research on the organization’s background or the proposed job description is made. Due to this, interviewers easily gauge the interviewee’s span of attention and seriousness and it leads to negative outcomes.

3) Keeping your social media accounts public

The dilemma of being judged through content posted on social media is alien for Generation X, there were no means of assessing a personality type or behavioural pattern in those days without having spent some real time together. These days, social media has really made it easy to assess what the person is like. As posted by http://www.forbes.com/sites/jennagoudreau/2012/09/26/top-5-interview-mistakes-millennials-make/ socially compromising and explicit content reflects a bad image and reduces chances of being selected.

4) Bad mouthing your former employers

Under the shield of being too honest and outspoken, people tend to cross the fine line of work ethics and professionalism. Interviewees need to take care that no personal, negative or foul comments should be given to previous employers. Even if the tricky question of why the previous workplace is being switched is asked, try churning in a positive sidenote and give reasons related to personal stories. Attacking previous employers reputation gives off harmful signals to interviewers.

5) Focusing on benefits, and not your skills

No interviewer can take away the pay scale that is designed for the given job position. Neither can the company policies of employee benefits be changed with questions probing on what’s in store. Simply focus on how the organization would benefit with this recruitment and other work related factors. Once the job offer is issued, negotiation on salary and compensation can be done with much ease.

Five of the Most Innovative Companies to Work for in the US

If you are looking for a new job, it only makes sense that you make it your purpose to apply only with the best.  When working with a great and innovative company, you are most likely to experience a good working environment, amazing benefits and perks, as well as a good package for compensation. With these companies, you are assured that you will have a good opportunity for career advancements.  Your choice on the type of company that you want to work for typically depends on your own requirements for a potential employer.

For a successful working career ahead, it is vital to search for an innovative company that can provide you several options that can help you grow in your career. You can start by using Google to search for a potential company. As a matter of fact, it can provide you a good list of potential companies where you can possibly work. However, if you want to trim down your options, you may start with looking for innovative companies in the U.S.

The following are five of the most innovative companies to work for in the US:

#1: Google (www.google.com)

Google still stays at no.1. There is a reason for the 16-year success of this business. The most successful and innovative internet company of our time is more than just a simple search engine. It is more than just a basic advertising channel, even though most of its revenue comes from posting ads. The company has a lot of things to offer, and they can only perform all their functions with all the right people working for them.

#2: Bloomberg Philanthropies

The organization is one of the largest in the United States. This philanthropic company works in creating efforts based on the data that they gather. Since the organization has rapidly grown, it needs people to do all the work for the company. Their innovative outreach solutions are also extended to the way they deal with their employees internally.

#3: Dropbox

Almost all internet users are aware of what dropbox does. As a matter of fact, the number of dropbox users have significantly doubled this year. The company needs more people to work for them, as they are expected to grow like their other technological counterparts. There is a huge future ahead of this innovative company that provides data storage capabilities for users.

#4: Airbnb

This company is so innovative that it is able to outrank Hilton Hotels as the largest hotel chain of the world, even without owning even a single hotel. Their concept involves allowing their users to rent their vacant homes, or extra rooms to strangers. Working with this company would surely be an interesting endeavor.

#5: Nike

Nike has been considered a staple brand among many shoe lovers. Therefore, working with the company will not only expose you to a wonderful work, but it also means stability. Every year, the company introduces new products, and there are a lot of works to do.

Becoming a Phlebotomist through Networking

Have you ever felt discouraged because you feel that you are simply stuck in a job that gives you nothing but dead end? Are you sometimes wondering why wonderful job opportunities seem unreachable and never come your way despite trying so hard in your field? The fact remains that good employment is quite challenging to see these days.

If you are working outside the medical field, you might think that the job is not for you. After all, there are specific requirements needed in order to land a job in this field. For instance, being a phlebotomist is one of the most aspired jobs in the field. It does not provide a steady way to earn a living, but it is also a very reputable job.

So, how do you become a phlebotomist? There are many ways to do so, no doubt. However, many successful phlebotomists consider networking as one of the most reliable ways which helped them get their dream job. How is it done?

Networking and Your Dream

It is quite surprising to know that most of the phlebotomy employment positions that are filled are not even advertised. As a matter of fact, seventy percent of the available positions are filled through word of mouth. For instance, in a laboratory, hospital, or clinic, once a vacancy is posted, the people can right away send messages, or find a way to inform their friends on the opening. This is quite advantageous on the part of the one posting the position. There is no need to pay for advertisement at all. How does networking play into the picture? Generally speaking, people who are skilful in networking often find it easier to land a job in the phlebotomy field.

Therefore, it can also help you in your search for the dream job in the field of phlebotomy if you also start networking. When talking about networking, you can either hear from your group of friends, or be attentive in listening to any update regarding the open jobs in your area. If you are already a qualified phlebotomist and are just looking for a job as a start-up, you may want to hear updates from your colleagues, as well as your classmates during your phlebotomy classes.

Networking Websites

With the advancement in technology comes the ease in getting information online. For instance, by joining social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, you can get the chance to learn about phlebotomy job openings in your area from your network of friends, as well as their friends. It is also possible to join a group dedicated in the field of phlebotomy.

The advantages of using such websites are clear. Aside from giving you the opportunity to succeed, you also experience ease in landing the job of your dreams. In order to experience this, read how to get a phlebotomy job fast and get your feet on the groove. The phlebotomy field is quite generous to those who truly are passionate in their profession.

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